Huacan, Samsung, Cree, and Osram are wonderful


In a blink of an eye, January is drawing to a close. This week, eleven companies have posted their 2020 performance forecasts, and five companies have experienced personnel changes. In addition, there were many exciting events happening in the LED circle this week, such as: HC Semitek joined the state-owned camp, Inventronics' shareholding company Agrify went public, Cree will be renamed Wolfspeed, Samsung revealed the estimated price of MiniLED backlight TV· ·····

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【Big Coffee News】

★ HC Semitek changed the controlling rights and acquired 33.4% equity of Gesheng Technology

On the 22nd, Huacan Optoelectronics issued an announcement stating that Zhuhai Huafa Entity Industrial Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhuhai's leading state-owned enterprise Huafa Group, will acquire 14.44% of the company’s shares through an agreement transfer. After the transaction is completed, Huashi Holdings will hold Huacan Optoelectronics has 24.87% equity, while HC Semitek's original company management team and daily operations remain unchanged.

In addition, on the 26th, HC Semitek announced that it plans to invest and cover the upstream and downstream of the LED industry chain and the semiconductor field by acquiring a 33.4% stake in the start-up company Tianjin Gesheng Technology Co., Ltd.

★ Agrify, a joint stock company of Inventronics, is listed in the US

On the 28th, Inventronics announced that its shareholding company Agrify will complete its IPO and go public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on January 28, 2021 (US Eastern Time), with the stock code "AGFY".

Interface said that the investment in Agrify is based on its optimistic view of the global vertical agriculture, especially the market prospects of indoor medical cannabis cultivation. Agrify is using Inventronics' power supply products, and its LED driver power supply can be fully integrated with Agrify's hardware device vertical planting unit (VFU) to form a synergistic effect. In the future, Agrify will continue to purchase power products from it.

★ Estimated price of Samsung MiniLED backlight TV released

Recently, industry insiders and foreign media reports show that the estimated price of the Neo QLED MiniLED TV that Samsung will sell in Switzerland has been announced. Samsung will release 4K product lineup (QN85A series, QN90A series, QN95A series) and 8K product lineup (QN800A series, QN900A series) as soon as next month, with a minimum price of approximately US$2,250 (approximately RMB 14,500). The highest price is 9,000 US dollars (approximately 58,100 yuan).

★ BOE partner STRATACACHE will build the first Micro LED production line in the United States

According to foreign media reports, BOE’s partner STRATACACHE will build the first Micro LED display production line (E4) in the United States to produce Micro LED displays for its own product solutions. It is expected to be put into production during 2022-2023. The company plans to start the production of Micro LED epitaxial wafers by October 2021, and will use GaN-on-Silicon technology to produce Micro LED products on 300mm wafers.

★ Fuman Electronics raised 1.05 billion yuan for Mini/Micro LED, 5G chip and other projects

On the 28th, Fuman Electronics announced that it plans to raise 1.05 billion yuan for the production and construction of 5G radio frequency chips, LED chips and power management chips, R&D center projects and supplementary working capital. The company will rely on the existing R&D center to implement in-depth R&D and industrial transformation of 5G radio frequency front-end chips and Mini/Micro LED display chips to further expand the company's production scale.

★ Cree announced its 2Q21 financial report and will be renamed Wolfspeed at the end of the year

On the 27th, Cree announced its financial report for the second quarter of fiscal 2021. The company achieved revenue of 127 million U.S. dollars from continuing operations in Q2, an increase of 5% (YoY) compared to the 120.7 million U.S. dollars of the same period last year, and an increase of 10% compared to the first quarter of fiscal 2021 ( QoQ). Cree expects revenue from continuing operations in the third quarter of fiscal 2021 to be between US$127 million and US$133 million.

In addition, Cree announced on the 29th that it will officially change its name to Wolfspeed at the end of this year. This move further clarifies Cree's determination to move firmly towards the third generation of semiconductors.

★ OSRAM raises guidance for fiscal 2021 performance

On the 26th, OSRAM announced its Q1 results and announced the enhancement of its 2021 fiscal year performance guidance.

According to preliminary data, OSRAM achieved revenue of 840 million euros in the first quarter of fiscal 2021, the same as the same period last year. On a comparable basis, 2021 year-on-year sales are expected to increase by 10-14%, adjusted EBITDA margin is expected to be 12-15%, and free cash flow will be between 70 million and 130 million euros.

★ Eleven companies including Inventronics, Zhaochi, and National Star released 2020 performance forecasts

This week, eleven companies including Inventronics, Zhaochi, and National Star Optoelectronics released their 2020 performance forecasts. Among them, the performance forecasts of Inventronics and Zhaochi are relatively bright, both increasing by 40%-60% over 2019. .

It is worth noting that on the 29th, Mulinsen took the lead in disclosing the performance forecast for the first quarter of 2021 and the 2020 performance report.

Mulinsen expects to achieve a net profit of 230-280 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 1Q21, an increase of 105.19%-149.79% from 112 million yuan in the same period last year.

In 2020, Mulinsen achieved operating income of 16.669 billion yuan, a decrease of 12.14% over the same period last year, and realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 313 million yuan, a decrease of 36.35% over the same period last year.

★ Alto Electronics increased the capital of two subsidiaries with 110 million yuan and established a subsidiary with 2 million yuan

On the 26th, Alto Electronics issued an announcement announcing that it intends to use the raised funds to increase capital by 40 million yuan and 70 million yuan, respectively, to Nanjing Alto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Huizhou Alto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which hold 100% shares.

In addition, Alto Electronics also announced that its subsidiary, Shenzhen Qianhai Alto Investment Co., Ltd., and natural persons, Mr. Wu Wei and Mr. Yang Yang, jointly invested RMB 2 million to establish Shenzhen Chuangxiang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Contributed 1.2 million yuan in capital, holding 60% of the shares.

★ Personnel changes in five companies including Cree, Huacan, and Op

This week, five companies including Cree, HC Semitek, and Op Lighting announced personnel changes.

【New Products and New Technology】

★ China University of Science and Technology has produced large-area, high-efficiency perovskite LEDs

Recently, Professor Xiao Zhengguo’s research group of the University of Science and Technology of China took organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 as the research object. By reducing the concentration of the perovskite precursor liquid, combined with the air knife assisted method, a large area and high efficiency calcium was prepared. Titanite LED is an important step towards the commercial application of perovskite LED lighting.

★ South China University of Technology developed high-performance white light perovskite LED

Recently, the Ye Xuanli team of South China University of Technology realized the extraction and utilization of restricted optical modes in blue light devices through near-field optical coupling, and successfully prepared high-performance two-color and three-color with external quantum efficiencies of up to 12% and 5%, respectively. Color white light perovskite LED.

★ Jingcheng Technology has developed Mini/Micro LED magnetic mass transfer technology

Jingcheng Technology has developed a special composite material-copper magnetic chip and an exclusive patented vertical LED structure and manufacturing process, which can solve the problem of low yield of Mini/Micro LED without substrate mass transfer and insufficient brightness and uniformity of flip-chip luminescence. The goal of cost and high brightness has greatly promoted the popularization of Mini/Micro LED applications.

★ Korea KAIST upgrades LED light-sensitive adjustment brain implant device

Based on last year's research, the South Korean KAIST team upgraded the LED light-sensitive regulating brain implant device. The implant device can change the behavior of photosensitive brain cells through a probe with the thickness of a hair (direct to the target neuron) and tiny LED light-emitting devices. This medical implant technology may help regulate the brain in the future Activities to improve the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease or depression. (Organized by LEDinside Mia)