Mulinsen "joins hands" with Xiaomi, and major LED companies share their performance...


Even though the rain didn't know that the spring had gone, once it cleared, the summer felt deep. Time flies by, and half of July has passed amidst the hurried footsteps of the old man from a small summer to a great summer. This week, some companies in the LED industry have new developments: Mulinsen "joins" Xiaomi Group to enter the field of smart home lighting, major LED manufacturers released June and half-year revenue, Sanan Optoelectronics has a market value of 112 billion yuan and already owns compounds 2076 semiconductor patents...Let's review the details together!

★ Mulinsen "joins hands" with Xiaomi Group to enter the field of smart home lighting

On July 12, Mulinsen announced that it plans to privately issue shares to Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund, raising nearly 500 million yuan to repay interest-bearing debts, improving the company's financial status, and reducing financial risks.

The number of non-publicly issued shares of Mulinsen does not exceed 40,064,102 shares (including the number), and the upper limit of the number of non-publicly issued shares does not exceed 30% of the company's total share capital before the issuance. The price of the issued shares is 12.48 yuan per share, and the subscription is in cash. . After the completion of this issuance, the shareholding ratio of Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund has not exceeded 5%, and the controlling shareholder and actual controller of Mulinsen will not change.

Mulinsen previously announced a strategic plan for the next three years, which will focus on the development of health/intelligent lighting, Mini direct display and Mini backlight, and UVC. Through this cooperation, Mulinsen will participate in the Xiaomi AIoT ecological chain in order to seize more market share in the field of smart home lighting.

★ The revenue of the top 10 Taiwanese factories in the first half of the year was "released", and most of the revenue in June tended to improve

Recently, Taiwanese manufacturers in the LED industry such as Epistar, Macroblock, Opto-Lei, and Lite-On have disclosed their revenue in June and the first half of the year. Compared with May, most Taiwanese factories have turned their revenue from “negative” to “positive”. Only Everlight and Dingyuan’s revenue still declined, and the decline has become an expansion trend; compared with the same period last year, Rebao and Everlight He Hongqi achieves growth. In the first six months of the cumulative, with the exception of Hongqi, the revenue of other Taiwanese factories has declined year-on-year. Hongqi is the only manufacturer whose revenue has increased compared to May, June last year, and January to June last year.

★ 6 mainland LED companies disclosed semi-annual performance forecasts, Hongli Zhihui turned losses into profits

Recently, Hongli Zhihui, National Star Optoelectronics, Ocean King, Mai Da Digital, Guangpu shares and Inventronics have disclosed semi-annual results forecasts. Among them, Hongli Zhihui has successfully turned losses into profits, and Inventronics expects net profit to be basically flat. .

★ The control of Aoyang Shunchang will be changed, and trading of stocks and convertible bonds will be temporarily suspended

On the morning of July 14, trading in Aoyang Shunchang's stocks and convertible bonds was suspended, mainly because the company's control rights will change.

Aoyang Shunchang stated that the company has recently received a notice from its controlling shareholder Aoyang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aoyang Group") that it is planning an equity transfer and intends to transfer part of its shares of Aoyang Shunchang to Green Wei Co., Ltd., the transfer ratio is expected to be no less than 5%. Luwei Co., Ltd. currently holds 10.05% of the shares of Aoyang Shunchang, and the actual controller of Changzheng Co., Ltd., another shareholder who holds 7.10% of the company's shares, is Mr. CHEN KAI. This equity transfer will result in a change in the control of Aoyang Shunchang.

★ San'an Optoelectronics has a market value of 112 billion yuan and 2076 compound semiconductor patents

At the beginning of this month, Wind, a service provider of financial data and analysis tools, announced the top 500 list of China's listed companies by market value in the first half of 2020. Sanan Optoelectronics ranked 129th on the list with a market value of 112 billion yuan, up 25 places. According to LEDinside, in February this year, the market value of Sanan Optoelectronics broke the 100 billion yuan mark again. By the end of June, its market value had climbed to 112 billion yuan, making it the company with the highest market value in the LED industry.

At present, Sanan Optoelectronics is making every effort to promote the construction and implementation of major projects. In addition, the company recently revealed that the company is continuously strengthening its product patent layout, increasing investment in technology research and development, and further strengthening the company's comprehensive competitiveness, brand influence and market share. Recently, according to Quanzhou TV Station, Sanan Optoelectronics has 2076 patents in the field of compound semiconductors.

★ British and Japanese companies launched ultraviolet sterilization and mosquito killing products

On July 14, the UV Group of the Halma Group (including the member companies Aquionics, Berson and Hanovia, three brands comprising We UVCare) announced the launch of a new type of UVC equipment AirLine UVv, which is used in air conditioning systems to help kill Eliminate harmful pathogens such as the new coronavirus. This new type of UVC equipment uses high-output medium-pressure UVC lamps, which can inactivate harmful pathogens such as molds, spores, bacteria and viruses suspended in the air, and can be easily converted into commercial and light industrial HVAC piping systems.

Recently, the Japanese company Gloture Co. Ltd launched a mosquito killer lamp equipped with UV LED. This UV LED mosquito killer lamp emits ultraviolet light and special sound waves to attract mosquitoes, flies and other insects. As long as they fly to the light source, they will be killed in the lamp. According to LEDinside, mosquito killing products that use ultraviolet light to capture insects have already appeared on the market. For example, Everlight exhibited an integrated UVA LED and UVC LED mosquito killer lamp last year. It mainly uses UVA LED and photocatalyst to generate carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes, and then use UVC. The LED will kill the captured mosquitoes.

★ The total planned investment of Mini/Micro LED related projects in China reaches 39.1 billion RMB

According to the latest "LED Industry Demand and Supply Database" report released by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce Consulting, the global Mini/Micro LED market is estimated to reach 4.2 billion US dollars in 2024. The good market prospects attract all kinds of capital to invest in this field. According to statistics from TrendForce, the total planned investment in Mini/Micro LED-related projects in China from 2019 to the present has reached 39.1 billion RMB, with a total of more than 14 new projects. These large capital investments will accelerate the commercialization of Mini/Micro LEDs. (Organized by LEDinside Roy)