The popularity of UV LED is rising, five related events are worth knowing


Weekly broadcast: UV LED heat is rising, five related events are worth knowing
2020-04-10 16:17:42 [Edit: Andygui]
Recently, the popularity of UV LED continues to rise, and there is a steady stream of news about this field. For example, Mulinsen entered the UVC LED market. The chairman of the company said that he saw the development potential of the deep ultraviolet industry. In the future, UVC LED packaging will be one of its key development directions. In addition, all parts of the world are increasing the research and development of UV LED technology, and many innovative solutions and products have also come out... Please review the details together.

★ Mulinsen entered the UVC field and signed a deep ultraviolet semiconductor sterilization project agreement with Zhishan Semiconductor

On April 7th, Mulinsen announced that it had signed the "Deep Ultraviolet Semiconductor Intelligent Sterilization Project Cooperation Agreement" with Zhishan Semiconductor and Shenzhen Zhishan in Shanghai. The parties decided to carry out a full range of strategic cooperation in the field of deep ultraviolet semiconductor sterilization and disinfection industry. Take Shenzhen Zhishan as the main body of the project to produce and promote deep ultraviolet intelligent sterilization and disinfection products. The post-investment valuation of the project is 123 million yuan. Mulinsen invested RMB 36.9 million to account for 30% of the equity of the project company after this capital increase.

★ The first phase of the Lu'an deep ultraviolet LED project of Zhongke Lu'an is expected to be completed and accepted in August

It is understood that the Zhongke Lu'an Deep Ultraviolet LED Project is located in Zhangze New Industrial Park, Changzhi High-tech Zone. The project is constructed in two phases with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan. At present, the Lu'an Deep Ultraviolet Project of Zhongke has formed an annual production capacity of 30 million pieces, and the second phase of the annual output of 300 million pieces of ultraviolet chips is being accelerated.

The company expects to complete the construction of the pilot assembly line on the second floor of the workshop by the end of August 2020. The first phase of the 30 million chip production line project will be completed and accepted. At the same time, the preliminary preparations for the second phase of the 300 million chip project will be carried out and construction will start in the second half of the year.

★ Seoul Viosys violeds UV LED technology has been used to sterilize the car interior

Earlier this month, Seoul Viosys and SETi announced that Violeds UV LED technology has been proven successful in killing 99.9% of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) within 30 seconds.

A few days ago, Seoul Viosys announced that violeds has been used by Yanfeng, a world-renowned auto parts manufacturer, as an automotive indoor disinfection solution. Yanfeng's vehicle-mounted UV sterilizer uses violeds technology, which can safely detect whether there are people in the vehicle, and then disinfect the cockpit, seats and steering wheel within 10 minutes. The sterilization module is installed on the top of the car to maximize the effective sterilization area and sterilize harmful bacteria and viruses in the car.

★ American Lighting Group develops new UV LED commercial bulbs

A few days ago, the American Lighting Group announced that it is developing a plug-and-play new UV LED commercial light bulb that can be used for surface sterilization to help resist viral pathogens such as the new coronavirus. These UV LED bulbs have the potential to be used for sterilization in various places, including important places such as hospitals, supermarkets, schools, airports, medical laboratories, elderly care centers, fire stations, and police stations. Moreover, it is expected that the development of this new UV LED bulb will bring huge growth potential to the American Lighting Group.

★ German research institute designed UVC LED "microwave oven" to quickly disinfect mobile phones

According to foreign media reports, the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has designed an innovative solution for disinfecting mobile phones. The appearance of the equipment is similar to an ordinary microwave oven, and the inside uses UVC LEDs with a wavelength of 269nm, which can ensure that these devices are The bacteria and viruses (such as the SARS coronavirus) can be killed in a few seconds. Moreover, this new technology can also be applied to many other places.